Much’tal Jedz is a processual project by Byrt Wammack Weber in collaboration with other members of the Turix Collective – Ana Rosa Duarte Duarte, Jaime Magana Caamal, Rodolfo Nahuat May, Elias Puc and members of a rural Mayan community in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The project focuses on contemporary Yucatec Mayan culture and its relationship to the past through memory, oral tradition, and performative practices, as well as on the relationships between Mayan culture and institutions.

Much’tal Jedz has its roots in various performance and audiovisual media projects that have been conducted in the community and surrounding ranches since 2001.

Although it has been presented in galleries, the project is mainly oriented towards presentation in the rural Mayan communities, in public spaces, and in other site-specific locations.