Activism and visual representations

This 7th Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, “Staging Citizenship: Cultural Rights in the Americas”, brings together 70 artists from Colombia and the hemisphere. They challenge any form of colonization, exclusion and homogenization, favoring instead the plurality, diversity and minoritarian groups. They work with performance and cultural activism to mobilize their words, gestures and ideas in public spaces, and in urban and rural areas.

From very personal perspectives, each artist brings the body as an object in a political and social dimension, which does not seek to represent, but adapts a body and its brands, responding to its gestures in an act of autonomous writing, a clearly legible system of signs sign that translate, and simultaneously produce reality.

Performance, actions of the body that trigger multiple temporary agreements, energizing culture itself to move towards other discourses. Therein lies knowledge and the enchantment of the body: invoke a power, a change in the state of things.


David Lozano
Dioscorides Pérez
Mercedes Angola